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Lets face it, a bad tan looks horrendous but a great tan looks amazing and can make you feel slimmer, sexier, healthier and put that spring back into your step!

If you follow my tanning tips I promise you will love your tan and it will last longer and look even better than any tan you've ever had before.


- Emma

1. Its important to exfoliate your skin to get rid of any dead skin cells, allowing a fresh clean surface for your tan. However do NOT exfoliate everyday, or dry brush your skin as it will strip your skin of any natural oils, leaving your skin dry, scaly and patchy, leaving your tan uneven.


2. The body areas to pay special attention to are your hands, feet, ankles and elbows. These areas are naturally dry. The worst tans are most noticeable by bad feet and ankle coverage. 


3. Its super important to get as much moisturiser into your skin so you have soft, smooth, hydrated skin. I can't stress this enough and I promise your tan will look even & last even longer, the more your skin is moisturised and hydrated. If you are time poor or you're low maintenance, buy yourself a bottle of baby oil and put it in the shower. Use this before getting out, pat yourself dry and your moisturising is done for the day. Its cheap and effective! Men tend to use it in the shower too as its convenient - but be careful of slippery floors! 


4. Undertake all hair removal treatments beforehand.


5. Have your pedicures and manicures done beforehand so as to not exfoliate the tan before you get to enjoy it.


6. If you have stubborn, fake tan residue remaining from a previous tan use the Tuscan Tan Removal Mitt ($20). It will  remove your tan without harsh scrubbing or removal of natural oils like other exfoliating glove will.

Golden Girl

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Mani Pedi

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1. Please use a soap that does NOT have any moisturisers or oils in them as they block the tanning solution, creating a barrier to the tanning procedure.

2. I recommend using Tuscan Tan PH balanced skin wash, QV Wash or Cetaphil soap.


3. Remove or do NOT apply any moisturiser, deodorant and makeup.

4. Remove all jewellry and put your hair up please.


5. After your tan has been applied you will be dry within a few minutes. Its very important to get changed quickly to avoid any skin on skin transfers. Wear really loose long clothing afterwards, I recommend purchasing a larger size pjs set and using them for after your tans. Sleep in these, DO NOT SLEEP NAKED.


If tanning at my Hampton Studio, please also bring your thongs & a towel to buffer out.

Beauty Care

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1. During the development time (pose add) No bathing children, washing dishes or use of any water in general. Do not do any physical activity causing perspiration. Relax, put your feet up, have a cuppa or a wine, and enjoy the experience.


2. Do NOT apply any products to your skin. Avoid touching your face or any body parts. If you do, use a wipe to remove the mark from your hand immediately.


3. After 8hrs you may shower as normal and pat your skin dry rather than rubbing, so as not to prematurely fade your tan. Then moisturise, moisturise, moisturise ... your tan will look better and last longer!

ORIGINAL SPRAY TAN  8hr development

The tan will be only partially developed at this stage. It will look like all of the colour has washed off but I promise you, it hasn't. You've just rinsed off the bronzer and it will require another 6hrs approx. to develop fully, then shower and moisturise as normal.

RAPID AMINO 90 SPRAY TAN  2-3hr development
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